Honda EG4500CX

As soon as you start your EG4500CX generator for the first time, you'll know you've made the right choice when it comes to powering your business.
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Honda EG4500CX

As soon as you start your EG4500CX generator for the first time, you'll know you've made the right choice when it comes to powering your business.

Even after long periods in storage, the EG4500CX features Honda's easy start technology for hassle-free starting, and it operates on standard unleaded fuel so you don't have to mess around with two-stroke oil.

Designed and built with your convenience and environmental impact in mind, the EG4500CX provides superior fuel efficiency and emits significantly less carbon and noise than most of the competition.



Honda EG4500CX

The EG4500CX draws its high output performance and fuel efficiency from Honda’s revolutionary GX340 engine, which has a maximum output of 4500W/240 Volt AC & 8.3 amp/12 Volt DC.

The stable power delivery comes courtesy of Honda's highly advanced D-AVR (Digital Auto Voltage Regulator) which uses a microcomputer to precisely control output voltage, providing high quality stable electricity.

The D-AVR offers a greater level of stability than conventional AVR types resulting in reduced load on the devices driven by the generator, increasing their life and facilitating 100% performance.

Reduced noise, and vibration levels with large 'silent' muffler and anti-vibration engine mounts




Honda EG4500CX

The EG4500CX is a lightweight 82.5kg and features a convenient full frame, ideal for easy transportation and engine protection.

There's an easy to use control panel featuring 15amp sockets, battery charger and circuit breaker, as well as an optional 4-wheel dolly kit.

And you'll be rewarded with an extended operating time, courtesy of the EG4500CX's large capacity 24 litre fuel tank.

Easy and reliable starting via the mechanical decompression system




Honda EG4500CX 4 Year Warranty

Also adding to the value of the EG4500CX, it comes with a 4-Year Domestic Warranty and 12-Month Commercial Warranty for added peace of mind.

There's over 450 authorised dealers spread around Australia who will be happy to help you out in the (unlikely) event of trouble.

You deserve complete confidence that you've made the right choice, long after you've made the purchase. The EG4500CX - and Honda's backing - will give you all the confidence you need.




The EG3600CX, EG4500CX, EG5500CX and EG5500CXS all feature large capacity fuel tanks for extended operating time, as well as the convenience of fuel gauges

In keeping with Honda's reputation for smooth and quiet operation, the EG range is fitted with anti-vibration engine mounts and large noise-suppressing mufflers

For functionality and added safety, an AC/DC circuit breaker and oil alert light are standard on all models, while an easy-to-use control panel features 15 amp sockets, battery charger and circuit protector

Equipped with a full steel frame to ensure engine protection and aid transportation, the EG range is also available with an optional four wheel dolly kit

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